Last Year to the Day, Had a Repeat Trespasser/Robber/Burglar Arrested.

( From UrbanSafetyist on Instagram Yesterday ): #SuspectSeeker Memory:

 A year ago today I had a notorious area robber, burglar and repeat  trespasser  of building whete I'm #headofsecurity  arrested on a nearby corner for trespassing.
He had 2 active burglary  warrants also. 

#CapBlackUrbanSafetyist #SecurityPhilosopher  #RewardSeeker Taking Negativity Down!



Some in the
#securityindustry and its event sector shy away from the term, #bouncer.

Like government counterparts, private professionals are being asked to rebrand their fields within the security industry out of past roles which may or not fit in with modern sensibilities.

One of my favorite #SafetyCreation fields is being a bouncer. Its elemental position as the sober, effective keeper of the peace at #venues appeals to me.

My recently made term #SmartBouncer is in honor of these problem solvers who often diffuse or displace more negativity than almost any other security field.

#Bouncers, take a well deserved bow.
#CapBlackUrbanSafetyist #SecurityPhilosopher #headofsecurity

7:33PM Tonight!

( From UrbanSafetyist on Instagram ):

Email Threat Maker who's banned from the building was met by me just before he locked up his bicycle- just as his pre incident indicator suggested ( calling our Co-op earlier ), he was trying to make a surprise trespassing visit.

After I told him he was banned he became violently angry and started screaming at me.

I briefed staff and fellow Management and even got to talk to a pair of officers he'd called on me for not letting him enter the building??? LOL
After I told them he was banned, they in turn informed him of the same.

He telegraphed his intention to trespass and now has police alerted to his intention to trespass.

The game's afoot!

#SuspectSeeker #RewardAgent Directing Responses.

#CapBlackUrbanSafetyist #headofsecurity #RewardSeeker Putting Negativity AWAY!

DON'T be a #Security Flunky

DON'T be a #Security Flunky.

One major reason why I consult and do safety advocacy are those who treat private professionals like flunkies.

I come to the table as an advisor and decision maker, not a flunky left out of the loop and given marching orders.

I've noted in my experience that the very people who ask for help carrying items to their business, for Insrance, have among them those who now see u as an indentured servant toward whom no slight nor outright disrespect is off limits.

That's why I also avoid doing any clean up with these arrogant people'. I quickly direct them to site custodians or inform them where can get suppliers to do the clean up themselves.

I respect myself and this industry and will not be a security flunky for anyone whose ego requires one.

I strongly advise other professionals to do the same.

Customer service or making clients happy is one thing- being treated like an inferior being is another matter entirely. There are TOO many good people…

Trayvon Martin: Victim of Someone Who shouldn't Have Done Citizens on Patrol

Trayvon Martin was killed seven years ago today.
He and another private citizen with equal legal standing  got into a life ending altercation.
George Zimmerman, the armed citizen in the confrontation, has proven himself afterward to be every bit the thug that Martin's critics call him to this day.
As a citizen on patrol for many years, this is a cautionary, classic case of how NOT to do neighborhood watch or patrol your community.
Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a consultant and safety advocate in New Orleans.

Free the #NOPD!

Letter to the Editor about Ending the Consent Decree Over NOPD:

I type this as someone who knows Susan Hutson, New Orleans Independent Police Monitor and John Arionne, the Federal Consent Decree Monitor tasked with overseeing the court ordered reform of the New Orleans Police Department.

Both are passionate advocates for constitutional policing, peer mediation within department ranks and community engagement.

I arrived in the real life Gotham City which is New Orleans shortly before the consent decree was in place. My hometown isn't a model for community policing but I nonetheless was vocal for just that, with intense emphasis on the complaints and concerns of law abiding Black citizens not being ignored.

In New Orleans, law enforcement supporters  endured years of  " Blue Hemmoarge  ( mass retirement and quitting in  protest of the past mayor and present federal oversight ) " where police response time was measured in days instead of minutes due to this unprecedented ex…

Old and New Public Safety Racism.

Public Safety Racism: Old and New. #CapBlackUrbanSafetyist 
A gun battle this weekend between brave officers and a brutal armed robbery suspect on Canal St. and Elk Place, a bad corner of New Orleans Central Business District  ( CBD ), brought home a point I made about that corner, and urban insecurity, for years.
Five innocent bystanders were hit as the suspect opened fire when officers approached him. The corner is heavily populated by working class Black people trying to get from Point A to B at its busstop.
For years bus passengers and pedestrians navigated open air drug dealing and menacing mobs of young men.
The impression I always got when I'd email the past office holders about this corner's powderkeg potential, was that my concerns as a safety advocate who is Black weren't important.
Such menace is considered par for the course for urban environments so no special attention was needed, even if the occasional bus rider or dope boy got shot. No big deal.
I call suc…